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Summer Giveaway On Its Way!

Hey ladies and gents!

I know, I know. Pretty Poet Ink has been on a major hiatus while I’ve been catching up on some more personal goals. However, I am back again with yet another giveaway. Yeah, I just can’t seem to help giving away things.

On July 31 the Summer Fever Giveaway will begin. In this event, I’ll be giving away one of two handmade wire bow tie pendants and the winner will have the opportunity to have it attached to a bracelet or necklace!


So, make sure to get your friends involved. The more people that participate, the more likely I’ll be to giveaway both silver and gold-tone pendants! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let the games begin! 


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New News From The PPI Workshop

…And we’re back! 
First and foremost I would like to thank all of you guys out there who have supported Pretty Poet Ink even if it’s through liking the page, reading & commenting on the blog, and [most importantly] buying the products. The turn-out at the flea market was not as successful as one may have hoped, however, we got the word out there and the interest in the website has gone up which is always great. Just remember to keep spreading the word!! Referring the brand is always free. 

Any how, I thought I’d share with you guys the handmade packaging that I created for the flea market! 
Of course it was tiresome cutting out all the cards, especially for the earrings (as they’re about 100 of them). However, it looks cute, has all the info and I’ve decided that all my online orders will come in this packaging now. 
I also created a few last minute pieces for the flea including these inverse earrings I’ve named Elisabeta & Mina after the two characters Winona Ryder played in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Considering she was the reincarnation of one, I figured it fit. 
This little darling here (seen as the top) are earrings I also made last minute to match my Crystal Gears steam punk necklace from the previous post.
In continuing with my Steam Punk kick, I revamped this necklace and gave it a simpler look. I’m MUCH happier with the look!
Then, I decided that I liked the Crystal Gears necklace & earrings so much, that I’d make several more in different colors like green,
and beige/brown, all with accompanying earrings. 
ALSO I’ve completed the Mixed Medium family with its two multi-color pieces 
and the pieces above are all up for grabs at the website! I will be making further color combinations of the Mixed Medium and will even take requests! Just message me on the facebook page and lemme know!
I’ve also decided to bring back an old one – my God Bless the Queen Bracelet is back, modified with new charms & embellishments. 
And last but not least….

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned to you before, but I love wedding pieces and will [hopefully] be venturing off into the world of wedding accessories like veils, combs, clips and of course jewelry! A friend of mine is getting married and told her I’d definitely make something for her wedding. Well, she took the offer and this is what I’ve been cooking up: ecru/ivory pearls with gold-glitter velvety ribbon and a beautiful gold-tone rhinestone brooch. 
Once the piece is complete, I’ll show it to you, and if you’ve got an idea for a custom piece and would love to have it made by moi, you know all you have to do is ask! 
That’s it for now. 
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New Pieces @ The Workshop

Hello Darling PPI Followers! 
As of late there have been some developments that I’d like to get into. First and foremost, I would like to apologize once again for my tardy blogposts. I’ve been working hard towards finding work, among other things and I haven’t had time to document the progress of PPI. Well, here it is: 
We’re moving slowly. =( 
This past summer has been a bust. With several vending opportunities going south, and my time becoming increasingly consumed with stress from various directions, I didn’t think that I’d actually get back into creating but LO! I got a request from a friend for an order of waist beads. Now, while I normally don’t do waist beads, I’m not completely ignorant of them. For those of you that may not know the history:
Waist beads are an age old African tradition and are worn for vast reasons and purposes to celebrate femininity, healing, spirituality, power, balancing, attracting and keeping a mate, rites of passage, rejuvenation, initiations, first menses, energy, and body shaping. African women have traditionally worn waist beads beneath their clothing placed beneath the belly button and can be single or multiple strands.  Other cultures proudly display the beads over their clothes or on bare midriffs. The art of adorning ones self has been practiced since the beginning of time. Today waist beads are alive and well in the United States, where they are worn as a form of self expression and style, but can still have any significance the wearer chooses.  
So with that being said, I was excited for the challenge to make these waist beads. My finished product is the picture below of the waist beads quadrupled up so you can see the different colors and patterns. 
my first attempt at waist beads
Was it time consuming? Sorta-kinda. Seed beads are NOT the best materials to work with in a small working space if you don’t have a bead spinner. And during the assembly, the beads slipped and fell off about 20% of the wire…which set me back because I had to find as many of the beads as possible AND put them back on. But at the end of it all, I was pleased with it, as was the woman (whose birthday is today) requested. As it was my first time ever making it, I learned from my trials and tribs how to go about making it for another person. First off, these will be custom pieces by request only. I may make swatches to give an idea of color combos and I’ll give in-depth info about them as no two people want them for the same reason. 

double strand purple, yellow & gold glass seed bead waist beads 

BUT YES – aside from the waist beads, I haven’t made many new pieces. Last night, however, I made a break through and finally went through my “to-do” box (yes, I have a to-do box filled with bagged beads) and got some projects done.

new pieces!

Dissecting this batch of new accessories (some of which I created last night, others, I’ve just never mentioned before), I’m going to start with this little doo-hickey. It’s a bracelet made of antiqued copper chain and a really cool toggle I bought ages ago.

Initially I was going to make it into a lariat type necklace, but then decided against it and layered it up for this cool (and moderately heavy) bracelet.  Next up is this pretty bright blue bracelet I made with swarovski crystals and swarovski crystal elements. 

pretty pearly sparkly bracelet
It took me a while to come to this as the original design looked NOTHING like this, but that coin pearls and sparkly crystals make this aquarian piece really…shiny. =]

Moving back to the dark antique-ness of copper, we’ve got a necklace that was intended for the chain of the bracelet in the first photo made with this really cool textured chain. You can’t tell but the chain itself looks like rope and then the toggle has all these nice swirly filigree on it, so I thought it looks great. The toggle doubles as the pendant so BOOM! 

Then there’s this piece…
So this necklace initially started out as a three strand piece with alternating strands featuring semi-precious chips. After much deliberating, I decided to make it ten times simpler. And I like it this way. 
necklace featuring quartz, flourite, adventurine, prehnite and labradorite chips
With the pieces that I used in the original necklace, I’ve decided to work that into a bracelet, which I haven’t completed. These babies below, are the earrings to a similar necklace that I made and is posted here

I’ve also finally finished up a couple of those mixed medium necklaces. You would think that making them would be easy…but it’s not. Depending on what size chains are used, it can be a bit difficult to work with, but I got a handle on it and came up with these two. I’ve got one more to complete and two more to design (featuring multiple colors).

mixed medium: gold, pink and red

mixed medium: gold, green and lime
I’ve also got this Steampunk-esque necklace to complete

the necklace features glass beads, antique copper cage & spiral beads, and gear pendants =) 
Finally, I’ve come to the newest pieces: RINGS! I’m trying to get back on my ring game, cause well, people like rings. The first completed ring I’ve made is this felt red rose, the first of my Alice in Wonderland inspired felt jewelry collection.

The next ring was this gold bow. Who doesn’t love bows? lol

And that’s about it for now! I will be doing a giveaway and an auction on ebay very soon, so please stay tuned, as I will be releasing the details for both in a couple weeks. I’m also going to be working more with colors and producing new necklaces AND finally hair accessories, 
so you don’t want to miss it! 

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New Pieces!!

Been gone, but I’m back and with new pieces none the less!! Check ’em out:

So as you can see, I kinda got to work, making 4 new pairs of earrings and refashioned button ring

Bow Tie Earrings – studs at that!

Stardust earrings. I was originally going to combine them with the earrings below, but liked them so much by itself, that I left it that way.

Wire Bomb Earrings lol

Gated Earrings

Vintage Button Ring
see anything you like? =D
I got quite a few things to put up to the site, so please bear with me. I’m also moving over items over to Etsy throughout this week, so if things start missing, you know why. lol. 

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More Pieces, More Delays

Hey There! =D

So, today was a rarity, as I was actually making things in the afternoon, as opposed to the dead of night. Don’t know what came over me, but I’m glad I had the wave of inspiration. 
So, I always intended on making a necklace called ‘Midnight In Paris.’ Then, finally when the actual movie was going on (around 12 am on Starz), I started working on it. And the more I watched the movie, the more I felt that this necklace was meant to be. So I wanted to capture the essence of Paris at night…dark, but with bits of color splashed around from all the bright lights and then…. 


and it has a charm with a map of gay ol’ Paris!

I also made a pair of dangle earrings that LOOK long, but are really chic when you try them on! 
Isn’t it amazing when you have one design and it completely morphs into something else? Crazy! Check out this new necklace:

The original design for this necklace changed a few times based on my unrealistic goals on how the beads would perform with the chain. But then I looked to all my new goodies from fire mountain and loved the new look.

a touch of gothic with the dark and red

but a hint of romance & elegance…

I also made a pair of earrings. They’re small, but sweet and divine with paired with the necklace.

I also made these earrings. Initially, I intended on adding a few more elements, but again, my expectations exceeded the reality of it and then I realized that less, was more. 

beautiful gold barrel/lantern cylinders 

Above is my Game of Hearts bracelet. Its namesake is an unfinished story of mine that is intended to be part Dangerous Liasons, with a restoration drama feel & a whiff of Le Marquise du Sade with ‘ethnic’ characters.

Then we have an resin/acrylic-amber pendant that my mother (in a moment of sweetness) bought me years ago at a flea market. This was when I JUST got into beading and she thought I could use it. I didn’t know what to do with it really and then just said, ‘eff it.’ Slapped some chain on it and boom. And below, you will find a copper bracelet. 

Made with golds, silvers and some crystal glass I don’t know what to call this yet. But, I do like the outcome. 

I also made a pair of earrings that I’m calling ‘Twilight’ (and not after that horrendous movie/book phenom). I have to add a few touches to it, and then it’ll be perfect. 
I am truly sorry for the delays to posting to the store. I initially wanted to put up my new pieces to coincide with my jewelry show, but as the show’s been delayed an extra week, I got an extra week to create more pieces, which obviously means more pieces to post…which means more photography, write-ups, etc. I do intend on having them on the site tomorrow, but then will DEFINITELY be on sale April 13th for one full week. I want to give you all a chance to buy my goods before the show, as you’ve been with me from the beginning and you should have the opp. to grab some of my newer pieces! 
thanks again for everything guys, and remember to like, comment & share! 
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Taking Inventory

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been staying up ’til 4 in the morning, mainly watching television BUT also working on some jewelry pieces. I find that I can get my creative juices flowing between the hours of around 9:00PM and 1:00AM and I can knock out a few pieces or at least get a few new designs out. Here’s a look at what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Some of these are repeat pictures:




If you can’t tell, the first set of pictures are bracelets, the second set are earrings and the third set of photos are necklaces. I’ve created a couple new necklaces, including matching necklaces to the graduated colored chips bracelet/earrings & a new charm necklace.

I’ve got about 4 more necklaces laid out to work on & a list of other creations to work on. *le sigh*

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Another tale of before and after


and AFTER!

So if you look at the bracelet in the first picture (upper left hand corner), you’d see that it was a pretty gold and blue/turq blend, but I wasn’t too happy with the overall fit of the thing. NOW, this Greco-Roman inspired bracelet has more of the gold, rich, feel of it all and I absolutely adore it. 

I know you’re probably wondering: “What’s with all the new pieces not available for sale?” Well, I will be posting them, however, I’m trying to build a large jewelry inventory to accommodate both my jewelry showcase & my move to 
Here are some more completed pieces: 
New Earrings!

Completed Tomb Raider Bracelet

A Touch of Flame Necklace

A Touch of Flame Earrings

Heavy Metal Bracelet

Heavy Metal Bracelet
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Completed pieces!

Some of these names are subject to change as I’ve just named them for the purpose of photographing them.

I will be posting them to my store by this weekend for your shopping enjoyment.
Lavender Earrings

Kyoshi Bracelet

Serengeti Necklace

Stardust Bracelet

Girl w/the pearl Earring

Incendia Earrings

Aquaria Earrings

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Revise, Revise, Revise!

It’s seems like my jewelry these days (much like my writing) is going under some revision. While I do enjoy looking at the creations of my original imaginative design, sometimes they (like everything in the world) needs a little tweeking. Remember this:

This picture is of my necklace ‘mixed medium’ and a tentative lariat, ‘Stardust.’ I mulled it over a lot this weekend and thought that I didn’t want want make a lariat after all. So I’ve created this instead:

I took the original design and turned it into a stretchy bracelet made of metal. It’s slightly reminiscent of something Betsy Johnson would’ve done (with huge baubles and pendants) but it’s all my own. In addition to that, I’ve found use for black beads that I had and make an all-black cluster ring. I’ve also altered another pair of earrings and have since simplified them as well as started working on a pair of new earrings. 
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Before and After and After…

Kyoshi Bracelet before
Kyoshi Bracelet After

Hey PPI followers! Here’s an update!

So I’ve been on a roll as of late, pushing myself to get some work done and so, I’ve been going through my inventory, continuously re-working old pieces that can get a little sprucing.

After staring at my Kyoshi bracelet for a good minute, I felt that it needed a little tweek. Removing the center piece, I found a beautiful Jasper bead I hadn’t noticed before, and wrapped it with wire, making it the focal bead.

I also remembered that black and white were a part of the Kyoshi uniform (their make-up and gear) and I decided to incorporate that with a swarovski crystals and sweet agate beads. I’ve wrapped the end beads like the center bead and removed a fan, making it the focal clasp.

I hope that you like! Please share your thoughts!!


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 My darling order from Fire Mountain came in on Wednesday and I couldn’t have been any happier. I swear, it seems like these days, only crafting supplies makes me squeal with excitement! ^_^
I also got some chain from my fave chain place and have all the supplies to make the necklace(s) I’ve been commissioned to do. Hopefully when I get started I can give you guys photos on my progress.
 for those of you out there who are interested in crafting and using Swarovski, you should take advantage of the sale going on here.

Any how, I’ve been feeling bad that I haven’t been producing as I should, but I’ve been getting ideas on the regular. I wish I had a big bench table to work on, but unfortunately my space can’t allot for it. I did manage to push myself into re-working a bracelet I started, but got a little agitated about. Here’s the final product:(see picture) Initially I was going for a greek/roman theme and then it dawned on me how the coins are all Queen Elizabeth and her jubilee is next year. So, here’s my way of saying “God Bless the Queen!” I was thinking of throwing a few crystals in there, but I don’t know…

Any how I am off my darling friends. Before I go, here are some earrings I designed. The one to the left are the ones I had to re-work the other day. Do you likes? Will be up for sale as soon as I photograph and post.

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I love looking up at the sky and drifting away into thoughts of what lies beyond the stars…
and because of that I’ve created a ring that brings the galaxy to your finger tips. Constructed to look like a burst of stars planets, moons and other-worldliness, this ring is a definite focal piece on any hand.

the silver-plated ring base is adjustable to fit any size finger