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Custom Bridal Piece – 12/01/12

Here’s a look at the bridal piece I did for the Mack Wedding this past weekend in Savannah, Georgia!
My bride was beyond happy, as well as her mother & her fiancee. I was sooo honored to have been a part of this momentous occasion.

If you’re looking for custom bridal jewelry, let me know!

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Getting Back to Business!


I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to work on some other projects, but I feel the time has come for me to make some new creations, as I may be doing a flee market this summer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! 
These are some pieces that I completed a couple weeks ago, but have yet to show for your review: 

 This bracelet I’ve named “Winterfell” as it reminds me of the area in the North where the Starks of the novel “A Game of Thrones” (and series ‘A Song of Fire & Ice’) reside.

 These little dangles are inspired by my love of Ancient Egyptian culture. so I’ve named them…Nefer, which is the Ancient Egyptian word for “to be beautiful.” I may change the name…I’m not sure I’m quite sold on it.

 These little dangles are called “Fae,” as they are inspired by my love of fantasy and lore…

 This bracelet I’ve made is called “Tiger’s Cage.” It features gold boxes and tiger striped lampwork glass beads.

And last but not least, there are my Gold barrel beads, but with a magnesite twist!

I hope you enjoyed and remember to check back here, at the store and on the twitter account for more news! 
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Introducing Her Royal Highness…

Queen Victoria!

Going forward with my love of English royalty, I decided to name this piece after the more…modest & virtuous Queen, Victoria. Having watched ‘The Young Victoria’ several times, I couldn’t help but seeing her when I was making this piece. I thought of creating something that someone like her would wear- something sweet, innocent, playful and elegant. 

What also gives the necklace its ‘sweetness’ are the porcelain roses and the small frame that they take up on the wearers neck. 

And here we find a new piece! It’s kind of my take on a sandy/gold desert inspired necklace. I will be making a bigger one that I’ll be calling ‘Dune,’ but for now, I might just call this…Arakkis or even Mua’dib.

So…whaddya think?

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Here we are again! I’ve created a couple new pieces since last time and I’ve also booked a jewelry party for next month! Here’s some of what buyers may be looking forward to seeing at the event:

Time Traveler Bracelet
Old World Earrings
Vintage Earrings
Turquoise & Sesame Jasper Bracelet
…with a handmade closure =]
Very Sparkly Earrings
Time Traveler Earrings
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new products from PPI

And I’ve completed another set of jewelry pieces! 

Here are a some earrings and a new bracelet created in the PPI workshop!

A new bracelet with wirework done by MOI! 

Serpentine earrings
A wood and stone necklace and earring set

Matching earrings to the bracelets I made a couple weeks ago

And a pair of earrings I’ve been meaning to make for AGES

The latest set of pieces to come out of my workshop! With in the next few days they will be photographed, listed, & promoted. 

Some of these pieces will even make it to my very own Pretty Poet Ink Jewelry Show, hosted in Brooklyn, NY with in the next month or so. Stay tuned! 
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Another Productive Sunday!

Graduated colored semi-precious chip bracelets

Charm Necklace, Amethyst & Pearl bracelet

As you may also notice, there was also a pair of earrings I was on the verge of finishing, but halted. I wanted to see if there were any fresh materials I could scrounge up before finishing them. However, 3 bracelets and a necklace ain’t bad!

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Completed pieces!

Some of these names are subject to change as I’ve just named them for the purpose of photographing them.

I will be posting them to my store by this weekend for your shopping enjoyment.
Lavender Earrings

Kyoshi Bracelet

Serengeti Necklace

Stardust Bracelet

Girl w/the pearl Earring

Incendia Earrings

Aquaria Earrings

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Revise, Revise, Revise!

It’s seems like my jewelry these days (much like my writing) is going under some revision. While I do enjoy looking at the creations of my original imaginative design, sometimes they (like everything in the world) needs a little tweeking. Remember this:

This picture is of my necklace ‘mixed medium’ and a tentative lariat, ‘Stardust.’ I mulled it over a lot this weekend and thought that I didn’t want want make a lariat after all. So I’ve created this instead:

I took the original design and turned it into a stretchy bracelet made of metal. It’s slightly reminiscent of something Betsy Johnson would’ve done (with huge baubles and pendants) but it’s all my own. In addition to that, I’ve found use for black beads that I had and make an all-black cluster ring. I’ve also altered another pair of earrings and have since simplified them as well as started working on a pair of new earrings. 
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And They All Lived Happily Ever After…

Remember when I spoke about creating an ‘Ever After Collection’ after selling the first ‘Ever After’ bracelet that I made during this post? Well, I’ve decided that I would continue the collection as I previously considered and VOILA! I’ve decided that the first piece would be called Henry, as it’s blue and well, in the movie The Baroness said “Henry loves blue!” 

The green bracelet is “Jacqueline,” the nicer of the step-sisters. She was also the more quiet one, more humbled and a bit more serene. The pink/red bracelet is Marguerite, the ‘fiery’ sister who was obsessively ambitious in hopes of getting the throne through the marriage bed. And last but not least, the purple bracelet is Danielle, as purple is a color of Royalty and well, she does become the Princess and lives happily ever after. 

And last but not least….the mixed medium bracelet!!! 

Though this one has a clasp, I just saw a design for making one a stretchy one-size-fits-all number. Will update when it happens, but for now, revel in what I accomplished over the weekend! 
Though I wished that I could’ve been able to make more, I got so overwhelmed by all my stones, I got stuck. =( But there’s hope! I found some jewelry pieces in a magazine that I hope to challenge myself to re-create. In addition, I’d like to post pictures of my materials and hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see.  Of course, I’ll make this a real challenge, filled with photos, my personal spins, techniques and possible videos! Don’t be afraid, shout out your ideas! =D
Take Care
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Another Day, Another Dollar

Hello PPI Followers!

I deeply apologize for not updating sooner. I’ve LITERALLY been swamped with misc. things to do this past week. Any how, I created a few new pieces and revamped an old piece the past two weekends. I’m trying my best to make something every weekend and then (once I’ve gotten the hang of it) will attempt to make something new every night! Wouldn’t THAT be a fun challenge? And maybe, my darling followers will give me a kind of prompt- if you will- throwing out colors, mediums, body specifications, etc…

I can be like a Michelle Phan/Julie Powell of the Beading Blog-o-sphere!!

…but until then, I’ll just have to show you a bit of what I’m working with: 

So I made this necklace last Sunday along with a bracelet (I’m possibly going to re-work) and it was sold by that following Tuesday. I named is Black Agate for the beads that are a part of it. This piece is definitely ONE-OF-A-KIND as I can’t find the beads anymore =(

I may be able to substitute it, re-work it a bit and make something similar, but it won’t be 100% the same


I’m pleased with the way my packaging looks! I think I will enclose a sample of my writing when someone buys a piece inspired by one of my stories!