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New News From The PPI Workshop

…And we’re back! 
First and foremost I would like to thank all of you guys out there who have supported Pretty Poet Ink even if it’s through liking the page, reading & commenting on the blog, and [most importantly] buying the products. The turn-out at the flea market was not as successful as one may have hoped, however, we got the word out there and the interest in the website has gone up which is always great. Just remember to keep spreading the word!! Referring the brand is always free. 

Any how, I thought I’d share with you guys the handmade packaging that I created for the flea market! 
Of course it was tiresome cutting out all the cards, especially for the earrings (as they’re about 100 of them). However, it looks cute, has all the info and I’ve decided that all my online orders will come in this packaging now. 
I also created a few last minute pieces for the flea including these inverse earrings I’ve named Elisabeta & Mina after the two characters Winona Ryder played in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Considering she was the reincarnation of one, I figured it fit. 
This little darling here (seen as the top) are earrings I also made last minute to match my Crystal Gears steam punk necklace from the previous post.
In continuing with my Steam Punk kick, I revamped this necklace and gave it a simpler look. I’m MUCH happier with the look!
Then, I decided that I liked the Crystal Gears necklace & earrings so much, that I’d make several more in different colors like green,
and beige/brown, all with accompanying earrings. 
ALSO I’ve completed the Mixed Medium family with its two multi-color pieces 
and the pieces above are all up for grabs at the website! I will be making further color combinations of the Mixed Medium and will even take requests! Just message me on the facebook page and lemme know!
I’ve also decided to bring back an old one – my God Bless the Queen Bracelet is back, modified with new charms & embellishments. 
And last but not least….

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned to you before, but I love wedding pieces and will [hopefully] be venturing off into the world of wedding accessories like veils, combs, clips and of course jewelry! A friend of mine is getting married and told her I’d definitely make something for her wedding. Well, she took the offer and this is what I’ve been cooking up: ecru/ivory pearls with gold-glitter velvety ribbon and a beautiful gold-tone rhinestone brooch. 
Once the piece is complete, I’ll show it to you, and if you’ve got an idea for a custom piece and would love to have it made by moi, you know all you have to do is ask! 
That’s it for now. 
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Adding to the Inventory

Hello there darling PPI followers! As you can see, I’ve been working on getting some more pieces together for my flee market @ Artists and Fleas coming up and so, here are a few more pieces that I’ve added to the collection! 
Above is a photo of more additions to the ‘Mixed Medium’ necklace family. Before, it was just silver & gold or purple/silver/black. Now, I’ve added a blue/black/silver necklace, a green/lime/gold necklace, and a red/pink/gold necklace. I intend on making one maybe of just colors…in the near future!

I’ve also finally broken down and made some mens’ jewelry, in addition to something bridal and another oceanic piece…we’ll break down those pieces in a few…

Next, I’ve got a really long (maybe 40 inches) necklace that I made with some semi-precious chips along the chain. I really like it, but will continue to tweak it as I go…

Amethyst earrings! These are some sparkly amethyst earrings I made with glass beads. I am a february baby, so amethyst is a color that I’m always looking at! 

Next up are these tribal, Earth Nation feeling earrings. If you know me, you know I love Avatar, the Last Airbender and I feel these are some really tough Toph-esque earrings. I will be making a necklace to match these earrings, so stay tuned…. =D

Playing around with some beads that I’ve got lead to these earrings! I love the blend of light-not-so-light-and-dark beads that work really well together…

And I also love the way these earrings came together with this kind of copperish blend… 

So we know I love turquoise, magnesite or dyed howlite. So, with these really large magnesite beads, I’ve created a necklace including some howlite and faceted rhodonite beads.

SUEDE braided bracelet – adjustable & unisex darling…

And like Mixed Medium, I added to the ‘Lock & Key’ earring family by creating three new pairs, and these are all interchangeable so long as your pair a key with a lock (duh!)

And with the following earrings, I’ve changed them three times before finally loving this:

and I think I posted this necklace before, but it wasn’t finished. I removed some of the length and I think it looks tons better!

Next is my Bridal Bracelet – made with swarovski crystals, glass beads, pearls and rhinstones and a little something blue!
Another charm bracelet with a cage and the charms that say ‘joy’ and ‘live’

A mens’ necklace- adjustable with bone & wood beads

my oceanic necklace – a giant seahorse with some pearls & crystals in sea-friendly colors

a Ram’s head men’s necklace – again made with bone beads, and adjustable suede cording 

And finally, a pair of earrings to match my ‘God Save the Queen’ bracelet of long ago. 
AND there will be more to come! As it is, I will be playing with veils soon as well as creating more and more pieces. I’ve moved the date from my intended flea from July to August =(  but it’s giving me more time to nab some cool displays, make more pieces and have lots of options for my buyers!! =D 
Until later lovelies, 

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Getting Back to Business!


I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to work on some other projects, but I feel the time has come for me to make some new creations, as I may be doing a flee market this summer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! 
These are some pieces that I completed a couple weeks ago, but have yet to show for your review: 

 This bracelet I’ve named “Winterfell” as it reminds me of the area in the North where the Starks of the novel “A Game of Thrones” (and series ‘A Song of Fire & Ice’) reside.

 These little dangles are inspired by my love of Ancient Egyptian culture. so I’ve named them…Nefer, which is the Ancient Egyptian word for “to be beautiful.” I may change the name…I’m not sure I’m quite sold on it.

 These little dangles are called “Fae,” as they are inspired by my love of fantasy and lore…

 This bracelet I’ve made is called “Tiger’s Cage.” It features gold boxes and tiger striped lampwork glass beads.

And last but not least, there are my Gold barrel beads, but with a magnesite twist!

I hope you enjoyed and remember to check back here, at the store and on the twitter account for more news! 
Like, Comment & Share! 

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Building Up the Inventory!


So I’m back with new photos of some of the latest pieces I’ve made. Forgive that some of the earrings aren’t complete yet; I am waiting on an order from Fire Mountain containing a multitude of ear wires to try out!

Fiery Earrings

Cool and Collected earrings

Forest earrings

Not-Sure-What-To-Call-‘Em earrings (lol)
Innocently Pink earrings
An addition to the mythological/ fantasy collection is this necklace, which I’ve deemed “Aphrodite’s Potion.” I actually made this necklace using Pod-Modge glue in order to create that resin-esque puff in the heart. It’s got a swarovski on it to give a little pizzaz. 
The newest addition to the family is this “Ares” bracelet. I made it in the likeness of the Artemis bracelet (shown below), but obviously with a more “heated” attitude. 

(From left to right) “Ares” bracelet, “Aphrodite” necklace, “Artemis” bracelet and (on bottom) “Neptune’s World” bracelet. 
My “Tokens” necklaces, available in antique copper, silver & gold. They all feature tokens & safety pins with inspirational words and adjectives. Maybe you’ll find one that best describes you!

Antique Gold Chain/ Ant. Copper token

Antique Silver Chain/ Ant. Gold token

Antique Copper Chain/ Ant. Silver token

‘Tweet’ necklace! A nice asymmetrical charm necklace!
I DO want to let everyone know that these items will be going up for sale from April 6th (Good Friday) to April 13th! After that, whatever hasn’t been sold, will be taken due to my first ever jewelry party! So, you better get it before it’s gone! 

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Taking Inventory

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been staying up ’til 4 in the morning, mainly watching television BUT also working on some jewelry pieces. I find that I can get my creative juices flowing between the hours of around 9:00PM and 1:00AM and I can knock out a few pieces or at least get a few new designs out. Here’s a look at what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Some of these are repeat pictures:




If you can’t tell, the first set of pictures are bracelets, the second set are earrings and the third set of photos are necklaces. I’ve created a couple new necklaces, including matching necklaces to the graduated colored chips bracelet/earrings & a new charm necklace.

I’ve got about 4 more necklaces laid out to work on & a list of other creations to work on. *le sigh*

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Another Productive Sunday!

Graduated colored semi-precious chip bracelets

Charm Necklace, Amethyst & Pearl bracelet

As you may also notice, there was also a pair of earrings I was on the verge of finishing, but halted. I wanted to see if there were any fresh materials I could scrounge up before finishing them. However, 3 bracelets and a necklace ain’t bad!

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Pictures Pictures Pictures!

Here are some photos of pieces I’ve FINALLY got to photograph! Soon they will be on the PPI Store and available for purchase:

But wait there’s more!

I saw a girl on the train with this bracelet that I know I have the capacity to make and boom, she gave me an idea for a line of charm/trinket necklaces and bracelets. Hopefully I can make a test run tonight!

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 My darling order from Fire Mountain came in on Wednesday and I couldn’t have been any happier. I swear, it seems like these days, only crafting supplies makes me squeal with excitement! ^_^
I also got some chain from my fave chain place and have all the supplies to make the necklace(s) I’ve been commissioned to do. Hopefully when I get started I can give you guys photos on my progress.
 for those of you out there who are interested in crafting and using Swarovski, you should take advantage of the sale going on here.

Any how, I’ve been feeling bad that I haven’t been producing as I should, but I’ve been getting ideas on the regular. I wish I had a big bench table to work on, but unfortunately my space can’t allot for it. I did manage to push myself into re-working a bracelet I started, but got a little agitated about. Here’s the final product:(see picture) Initially I was going for a greek/roman theme and then it dawned on me how the coins are all Queen Elizabeth and her jubilee is next year. So, here’s my way of saying “God Bless the Queen!” I was thinking of throwing a few crystals in there, but I don’t know…

Any how I am off my darling friends. Before I go, here are some earrings I designed. The one to the left are the ones I had to re-work the other day. Do you likes? Will be up for sale as soon as I photograph and post.

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Native -Earrings

As an ode to our Native brothers and sisters who once presided and communed with this land, I’ve created these earrings, with a bit of my interpretation of the south-west style. I relied on colors that embrace elements in nature i.e. turquoise, sky (blue), earth (brown) and the sun (yellow) in addition to throwing in some metal charm feathers, to give it an extra feeling of wilderness. Swarovski crystals dangle in the middle to draw the attention to the center of this symbol of life in its cyclic wonder. 

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Dragon of the West

Dragon of the WEST
Inspired by my interest in the use of color in Asian color and the PHENOMENAL cartoon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
, I bring to you these necklace made of stone, metal and crystal. Named after Uncle Iroh’s moniker, Dragon of the West is a necklace that embodies both passion and tranquility. Made up of red agate, green adventurine, gold-plated beads and Swarovski crystals, this necklace’s shining glory is its double sided brass donut pendant. One side features a lizard and bird dragon chasing each other, while the other has four Chinese characters.

additional photos can be found here