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Welcome Back, PPI Fans!

Hello all!

After a years-long hiatus from writing, I am happy to say the blog for online store, Pretty Poet Ink, has returned!

What was once a semi-defunct blog on Blogger has found new life with a migration to WordPress — and with it comes new adventures, inspirations, merchandise, and logo too!

Pretty_Poet_Ink_Logo_Complete new quill3 Continue reading “Welcome Back, PPI Fans!”

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Summer Giveaway On Its Way!

Hey ladies and gents!

I know, I know. Pretty Poet Ink has been on a major hiatus while I’ve been catching up on some more personal goals. However, I am back again with yet another giveaway. Yeah, I just can’t seem to help giving away things.

On July 31 the Summer Fever Giveaway will begin. In this event, I’ll be giving away one of two handmade wire bow tie pendants and the winner will have the opportunity to have it attached to a bracelet or necklace!


So, make sure to get your friends involved. The more people that participate, the more likely I’ll be to giveaway both silver and gold-tone pendants! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let the games begin! 


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New News From The PPI Workshop

…And we’re back! 
First and foremost I would like to thank all of you guys out there who have supported Pretty Poet Ink even if it’s through liking the page, reading & commenting on the blog, and [most importantly] buying the products. The turn-out at the flea market was not as successful as one may have hoped, however, we got the word out there and the interest in the website has gone up which is always great. Just remember to keep spreading the word!! Referring the brand is always free. 

Any how, I thought I’d share with you guys the handmade packaging that I created for the flea market! 
Of course it was tiresome cutting out all the cards, especially for the earrings (as they’re about 100 of them). However, it looks cute, has all the info and I’ve decided that all my online orders will come in this packaging now. 
I also created a few last minute pieces for the flea including these inverse earrings I’ve named Elisabeta & Mina after the two characters Winona Ryder played in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Considering she was the reincarnation of one, I figured it fit. 
This little darling here (seen as the top) are earrings I also made last minute to match my Crystal Gears steam punk necklace from the previous post.
In continuing with my Steam Punk kick, I revamped this necklace and gave it a simpler look. I’m MUCH happier with the look!
Then, I decided that I liked the Crystal Gears necklace & earrings so much, that I’d make several more in different colors like green,
and beige/brown, all with accompanying earrings. 
ALSO I’ve completed the Mixed Medium family with its two multi-color pieces 
and the pieces above are all up for grabs at the website! I will be making further color combinations of the Mixed Medium and will even take requests! Just message me on the facebook page and lemme know!
I’ve also decided to bring back an old one – my God Bless the Queen Bracelet is back, modified with new charms & embellishments. 
And last but not least….

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned to you before, but I love wedding pieces and will [hopefully] be venturing off into the world of wedding accessories like veils, combs, clips and of course jewelry! A friend of mine is getting married and told her I’d definitely make something for her wedding. Well, she took the offer and this is what I’ve been cooking up: ecru/ivory pearls with gold-glitter velvety ribbon and a beautiful gold-tone rhinestone brooch. 
Once the piece is complete, I’ll show it to you, and if you’ve got an idea for a custom piece and would love to have it made by moi, you know all you have to do is ask! 
That’s it for now. 
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Alterations Time!

Alterations Time!! 
Hello again! 
So after posting photos of my chunky chain bracelet, I got a request to do a necklace to match. Now, I must admit that the chain used for the bracelet is mighty heavy, so I thought to myself, if I were to make a necklace for it, it would have to be with chain that’s much lighter. 
After a trip to my fave store MICHAELS, I found chain that not only resembled the chunky bracelet chain, but was much smaller and lighter to make the wearer feel less bogged down. I then went to my necklace with the antiqued rope chain, and removed the toggle on that and so this: 

transfers into this: 
I got some new beads that I will be working on that rope chain with – so look forward to seeing new pieces by the end of this week! 
tell me what you think!
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Revise, Revise, Revise!

It’s seems like my jewelry these days (much like my writing) is going under some revision. While I do enjoy looking at the creations of my original imaginative design, sometimes they (like everything in the world) needs a little tweeking. Remember this:

This picture is of my necklace ‘mixed medium’ and a tentative lariat, ‘Stardust.’ I mulled it over a lot this weekend and thought that I didn’t want want make a lariat after all. So I’ve created this instead:

I took the original design and turned it into a stretchy bracelet made of metal. It’s slightly reminiscent of something Betsy Johnson would’ve done (with huge baubles and pendants) but it’s all my own. In addition to that, I’ve found use for black beads that I had and make an all-black cluster ring. I’ve also altered another pair of earrings and have since simplified them as well as started working on a pair of new earrings. 
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Before and After and After…

Kyoshi Bracelet before
Kyoshi Bracelet After

Hey PPI followers! Here’s an update!

So I’ve been on a roll as of late, pushing myself to get some work done and so, I’ve been going through my inventory, continuously re-working old pieces that can get a little sprucing.

After staring at my Kyoshi bracelet for a good minute, I felt that it needed a little tweek. Removing the center piece, I found a beautiful Jasper bead I hadn’t noticed before, and wrapped it with wire, making it the focal bead.

I also remembered that black and white were a part of the Kyoshi uniform (their make-up and gear) and I decided to incorporate that with a swarovski crystals and sweet agate beads. I’ve wrapped the end beads like the center bead and removed a fan, making it the focal clasp.

I hope that you like! Please share your thoughts!!


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New Projects Completed in the PPI Workshop

The PPI workshop is back!! I was able to finally complete the necklace that you saw in the last entry  in addition to completing another necklace with some new beads that I had lying around. I was then able to do a little re-fashioning of previous pieces afterwards. While I do not have any names for these two necklaces, the one to the left gives me a Safari-esque vibe and some I’m thinking something like Serengeti…
 the following pieces were made from the previous: 
Old ‘Viking Queen’ Earrings

I got tired of the way that the Viking Queen earrings were looking. While the dark gun metal color contrasted beautifully against the cool ice blue color, I decided that I would remove the beads and put them on this earring finding, that had more swirls and thus had a reminiscent appeal of a Scandanavian seaside travel. I then took the prior Viking Queen findings and transformed it into an edgy bracelet, similar to the Sahara Desert earrings that I wear all the time. I’m not sure how practical the bracelet will look on someone’s hand, but for the moment, that’s where it is.

New Earrings
Last but not least, I’ve also reworked these gothic earrings. Simplifying the design, while still maintaining the mood and tone, these earrings now have an extra air of sophistication with glass pearls. 

Out with the old…
and in with the NEW!
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And They All Lived Happily Ever After…

Remember when I spoke about creating an ‘Ever After Collection’ after selling the first ‘Ever After’ bracelet that I made during this post? Well, I’ve decided that I would continue the collection as I previously considered and VOILA! I’ve decided that the first piece would be called Henry, as it’s blue and well, in the movie The Baroness said “Henry loves blue!” 

The green bracelet is “Jacqueline,” the nicer of the step-sisters. She was also the more quiet one, more humbled and a bit more serene. The pink/red bracelet is Marguerite, the ‘fiery’ sister who was obsessively ambitious in hopes of getting the throne through the marriage bed. And last but not least, the purple bracelet is Danielle, as purple is a color of Royalty and well, she does become the Princess and lives happily ever after. 

And last but not least….the mixed medium bracelet!!! 

Though this one has a clasp, I just saw a design for making one a stretchy one-size-fits-all number. Will update when it happens, but for now, revel in what I accomplished over the weekend! 
Though I wished that I could’ve been able to make more, I got so overwhelmed by all my stones, I got stuck. =( But there’s hope! I found some jewelry pieces in a magazine that I hope to challenge myself to re-create. In addition, I’d like to post pictures of my materials and hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see.  Of course, I’ll make this a real challenge, filled with photos, my personal spins, techniques and possible videos! Don’t be afraid, shout out your ideas! =D
Take Care