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New Collection, New Merch & New Sale!

Hello, all!

We’re almost a month into the Pretty Poet Ink relaunch and there’s a lot of new stuff coming your way in the form of a new collection, new merchandise, and a sale!

First up is a new collection called PPI Finery, which will feature some textile items like hair bows, bow ties, and (very soon) neckties.

PPI Finery Hair Bows


I’ve always wanted to play with fabrics, as my mother was a seamstress by trade, and I would test my sewing ability with the various cloth she’d have around the house. Now, I’m bringing that fascination with threads to the fold (sorry for the pun).

At the moment, many of finery items will have nerd-centric prints like Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Avengers, but as it expands, so will the prints.

But wait, there’s more! New merchandise is headed to the PPI store, with PPI Nerdy and PPI Trendy getting several pieces.

The PPI Nerdy collection gained two new Game of Thrones-inspired pieces, including a “Lannister” bracelet and “Winter Is Coming” necklace.

L-R: “Lannister” bracelet, “Winter Is Coming” necklace, “Mother of Dragons” necklace

We also have four new pieces for the X-Men fans with a “Storm” bracelet, “Storm” earrings, “Nightcrawler” earrings, and a “Psylocke” necklace.

TL-TR: “Nightcrawler” earrings, “Storm” bracelet, “Psylocke” necklace, “Storm” earrings

And “Harley” isn’t the only DC lady to get an earring in her honor. Her bestie, Poison Ivy, and Suicide Squad co-star Enchantress got earrings of their own dubbed “Ivy” and “Enchantress” respectively.

L-R: “Enchantress” earrings, “Harley” earrings, “Ivy” earrings

As for PPI Trendy, several new pieces have been added to the collection including a one-of-a-kind necklace “Chevron Arrow,” the gold body necklace”Olympiad” and “Typewriter” bracelet.

L-R: “Chevron Arrow” necklace, “Typewriter” bracelet, “Olympiad” necklace

The abovementioned pieces will be added to the store on October 7.

Lastly, in honor of mega nerdfest New York Comic Con, I thought it only fitting for the geeks out there to have a little more fun during the occasion with a 3-day sale! From October 7-9, get 10% off any PPI Nerdy Collection item by punching in ComicCon2016. 

Some items will have limited quantities, so be sure to get your pieces before they’re gone!

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I like to write, have a fondness of archeology and find most things creative the better things that life can offer. I'm all about creating (which includes my writing and jewelry crafting) and would love to publish several novels, short stories and a book of poetry and live out the rest of my days with a workshop making clay pots, jewelry, and other Martha Stewart-esque goodies.

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