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Pretty Poet INK Coming This September

Getting ready to splurge soon!

I’m pleased to announce that Pretty Poet INK will be back in business — with brand NEW merchandise this September.

Pretty_Poet_Ink_Logo_Complete new quill3


This past summer has been pretty eventful. There’s been a ton of crafting, much tweaking, a lot of designing (and redesigning) and I’m proud to say it’s led to new and improved pieces at the Pretty Poet Ink workshop.

I know you’ve seen quite a few pieces across the PPI Instagram, but you’ll finally be able to take some of these pieces home next month when the new store opens up online. That’s right, new store.

For some time I’ve been thinking about finding a site that could better suit the needs of the changes I’ve made towards the brand. With that being said, I signed up for a new place that has some pretty neat navigation opportunities I think shoppers will love.

Here’s an exclusive first look:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.09.17 PM.png

While there’s definitely still a lot of work to do, I’ve set a deadline for when the store will be open (revealed later today for #TeaserThursday) and you’ll be able to check out several items from the store.

I really do hope you guys are excited for what’s coming next as I’m finally ready to start putting Pretty Poet Ink on the map!

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I like to write, have a fondness of archeology and find most things creative the better things that life can offer. I'm all about creating (which includes my writing and jewelry crafting) and would love to publish several novels, short stories and a book of poetry and live out the rest of my days with a workshop making clay pots, jewelry, and other Martha Stewart-esque goodies.

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