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Welcome Back, PPI Fans!

Hello all!

After a years-long hiatus from writing, I am happy to say the blog for online store, Pretty Poet Ink, has returned!

What was once a semi-defunct blog on Blogger has found new life with a migration to WordPress — and with it comes new adventures, inspirations, merchandise, and logo too!

Pretty_Poet_Ink_Logo_Complete new quill3

For those unaware, Pretty Poet Ink is an online handmade jewelry store which started out as a hobby, but eventually became more than just a therapeutic relief.

As done previously, I intend to do several product reviews, and detail inspirations behind some of the pieces that will be featured on the site.

Additionally, I will be doing a couple other things like chatting with folks Periscope for a few ideas and you know, connect with folks to see what they’d like to see from the company.

In a few weeks, I will be relaunching the PPI brand with several new collections — one I’m glad to say is very “nerd culture” friendly. Here’s a sneak peek:

There’s definitely more to come so I’m hoping you guys are as eager to get into the new Pretty Poet Ink as I’m definitely ready to share it all with you guys!


I like to write, have a fondness of archeology and find most things creative the better things that life can offer. I'm all about creating (which includes my writing and jewelry crafting) and would love to publish several novels, short stories and a book of poetry and live out the rest of my days with a workshop making clay pots, jewelry, and other Martha Stewart-esque goodies.

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