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Hey Darlings! 
So, I meant to give you a re-cap of the jewelry party, but I’ve been so swamp on organizing all the goods, that I’ve been backed up in what I’ve been meaning to write. While I unfortunately did not get a chance to take out pictures of my crafty display, I did do a minor recreation: 
I always knew in my head that I wanted to do a Dinner Party theme…because, well people are consuming my work in a way. And I think it’s innovative and a great way to use these supplies I have at home until I get the money up to buy the professional displays. 
Anyhow, I had this tree displaying my earrings. I also placed one-side of the earring, that way more of my different designs could be seen. And in the nest, were all the ear-stoppers so that they wouldn’t be lost. 

I then used the glass stems as a display for my bracelets, kind of like the way you have those wine glass jewelry, instead, well, REAL jewelry. 
Obviously, the plates were to hold the bigger items of consumption: NECKLACES! And mainly the larger necklaces.
I also made my own earring cards as I’ve seen done online. They worked really well and I had them randomly placed around the table for added decor…

And in a stroke of genius, I decided to use some hor d’oeuvre platters to display smaller necklaces or chains, where the pendant are more of the focal point than the actual necklace. 
and THAT was my display! I promise that if there is another jewelry party (*crosses fingers*), I will take photos. I think all my nerves and flustering on that day got the best of me…and my camera was in my POCKET! *growls* But, I’ll get it right next time. 
Any who, even though I didn’t get to use it, I also had a credit card reader! YES! I’m doing big-girl things now! No one wanted to use their plastic, so it just sat there, but better safe than sorry! 
Just plug into the iTouch and done! 

Peruvian Paradise Bracelet: This is the second bracelet I’ve made of this type, and one of the first ever designs I made. It’s found a new home! (YAY)
Purple Haze Earrings: these mother of pearl shell babies found a new home with the host who also purchased
the Tomb Raider Bracelet to have splendid adventures.
Just a Taste Earrings: I sold my second set of these earrings, along with 
this Tale of Birds Necklace. It’s twin is still available for sale online here.
Spanish Armada Earrings: the fleet has finally sailed!
Full Moon Earrings: are now going to see the light of day!
Stardust Bracelet is now sparkling someone’s days
Graduated Colors: ‘Protection’ Chip Earrings is doing is duty. Get the other pieces for these earrings here.
These One-Of-A-Kind Gothic Chandelier Earrings are making someone happy!
and last, but not least
the Luxor Priestess Necklace is guarding someone with the ways of Ancient Egypt!
**REMEMBER** If there’s something off this list that you want, make sure to hit up the PPI facebook page and send a request. If it can be made, then it will be!
Lastly, I created three new babies that I will be posting soon: 

‘copper shock’

‘burnt sun’

and a variation of my gifted ‘jaded earth’ earrings.


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News, News and More News

Hello All, 
I’m not entirely sure if I told you all this, but I had submitted a piece of mine to interweave’s Stringing magazine. The editors saw it online and asked to see it in person and then said that if they liked it, they’d let me know in about a month. That was March 2nd. I received an email last week saying that I was getting my package back this week and so I figured, they probably didn’t want it. 
When I got my package today, this letter sealed the deal: 
I knew it was coming, so I wasn’t entirely sad, but at least I can say that I tried. And there’s always time to submit for another magazine, I suppose. 
Anyhow, I’ve placed my new jewelry on sale at my shop. Throughout the week, I will be placing up as many pieces as possible, with alerts through facebook and twitter.  BUT, As of 12:01 AM APRIL 21st, they will all be coming down, as I will be taking part in Pretty Poet Ink’s first jewelry party. 
Let’s hope the saying ‘when one door closes, another opens’ has some real-time resonance. I’ve signed up for intuit’s go payments, so hopefully by the end of this week, I will be able to take credit card payments!! 
T-MINUS, 4 DAYS, and counting…

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More Pieces, More Delays

Hey There! =D

So, today was a rarity, as I was actually making things in the afternoon, as opposed to the dead of night. Don’t know what came over me, but I’m glad I had the wave of inspiration. 
So, I always intended on making a necklace called ‘Midnight In Paris.’ Then, finally when the actual movie was going on (around 12 am on Starz), I started working on it. And the more I watched the movie, the more I felt that this necklace was meant to be. So I wanted to capture the essence of Paris at night…dark, but with bits of color splashed around from all the bright lights and then…. 


and it has a charm with a map of gay ol’ Paris!

I also made a pair of dangle earrings that LOOK long, but are really chic when you try them on! 
Isn’t it amazing when you have one design and it completely morphs into something else? Crazy! Check out this new necklace:

The original design for this necklace changed a few times based on my unrealistic goals on how the beads would perform with the chain. But then I looked to all my new goodies from fire mountain and loved the new look.

a touch of gothic with the dark and red

but a hint of romance & elegance…

I also made a pair of earrings. They’re small, but sweet and divine with paired with the necklace.

I also made these earrings. Initially, I intended on adding a few more elements, but again, my expectations exceeded the reality of it and then I realized that less, was more. 

beautiful gold barrel/lantern cylinders 

Above is my Game of Hearts bracelet. Its namesake is an unfinished story of mine that is intended to be part Dangerous Liasons, with a restoration drama feel & a whiff of Le Marquise du Sade with ‘ethnic’ characters.

Then we have an resin/acrylic-amber pendant that my mother (in a moment of sweetness) bought me years ago at a flea market. This was when I JUST got into beading and she thought I could use it. I didn’t know what to do with it really and then just said, ‘eff it.’ Slapped some chain on it and boom. And below, you will find a copper bracelet. 

Made with golds, silvers and some crystal glass I don’t know what to call this yet. But, I do like the outcome. 

I also made a pair of earrings that I’m calling ‘Twilight’ (and not after that horrendous movie/book phenom). I have to add a few touches to it, and then it’ll be perfect. 
I am truly sorry for the delays to posting to the store. I initially wanted to put up my new pieces to coincide with my jewelry show, but as the show’s been delayed an extra week, I got an extra week to create more pieces, which obviously means more pieces to post…which means more photography, write-ups, etc. I do intend on having them on the site tomorrow, but then will DEFINITELY be on sale April 13th for one full week. I want to give you all a chance to buy my goods before the show, as you’ve been with me from the beginning and you should have the opp. to grab some of my newer pieces! 
thanks again for everything guys, and remember to like, comment & share! 
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Introducing Her Royal Highness…

Queen Victoria!

Going forward with my love of English royalty, I decided to name this piece after the more…modest & virtuous Queen, Victoria. Having watched ‘The Young Victoria’ several times, I couldn’t help but seeing her when I was making this piece. I thought of creating something that someone like her would wear- something sweet, innocent, playful and elegant. 

What also gives the necklace its ‘sweetness’ are the porcelain roses and the small frame that they take up on the wearers neck. 

And here we find a new piece! It’s kind of my take on a sandy/gold desert inspired necklace. I will be making a bigger one that I’ll be calling ‘Dune,’ but for now, I might just call this…Arakkis or even Mua’dib.

So…whaddya think?

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DIY – Custom Tags & Displays

In getting ready for my jewelry party, I’ve been researching for several ways to make my OWN displays and tags/cards to put my jewelry on and I’ve come up with this (as a working template):

Here’s an earring card (for large earrings) made of card stock

and a necklace display that I painted made of card stock as well

I’m still tinkering around with the tags, as I need to make some to hang off the bracelets & necklaces.

I also made these two displays from picture frames one for hanging earrings and the other for hanging bracelets. I think I’ll make a d-i-y vid or something for it later. 

You likes?