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Building Up the Inventory!


So I’m back with new photos of some of the latest pieces I’ve made. Forgive that some of the earrings aren’t complete yet; I am waiting on an order from Fire Mountain containing a multitude of ear wires to try out!

Fiery Earrings

Cool and Collected earrings

Forest earrings

Not-Sure-What-To-Call-‘Em earrings (lol)
Innocently Pink earrings
An addition to the mythological/ fantasy collection is this necklace, which I’ve deemed “Aphrodite’s Potion.” I actually made this necklace using Pod-Modge glue in order to create that resin-esque puff in the heart. It’s got a swarovski on it to give a little pizzaz. 
The newest addition to the family is this “Ares” bracelet. I made it in the likeness of the Artemis bracelet (shown below), but obviously with a more “heated” attitude. 

(From left to right) “Ares” bracelet, “Aphrodite” necklace, “Artemis” bracelet and (on bottom) “Neptune’s World” bracelet. 
My “Tokens” necklaces, available in antique copper, silver & gold. They all feature tokens & safety pins with inspirational words and adjectives. Maybe you’ll find one that best describes you!

Antique Gold Chain/ Ant. Copper token

Antique Silver Chain/ Ant. Gold token

Antique Copper Chain/ Ant. Silver token

‘Tweet’ necklace! A nice asymmetrical charm necklace!
I DO want to let everyone know that these items will be going up for sale from April 6th (Good Friday) to April 13th! After that, whatever hasn’t been sold, will be taken due to my first ever jewelry party! So, you better get it before it’s gone! 

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Here we are again! I’ve created a couple new pieces since last time and I’ve also booked a jewelry party for next month! Here’s some of what buyers may be looking forward to seeing at the event:

Time Traveler Bracelet
Old World Earrings
Vintage Earrings
Turquoise & Sesame Jasper Bracelet
…with a handmade closure =]
Very Sparkly Earrings
Time Traveler Earrings
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Tool Magic – Product Review

YAY! So this is my first PRODUCT review! I figured I might as well do this, considering that well (1) I’m a writer at heart (and by trade) and (2) as an intermediate jewelry maker, I’m still learning techniques and tools in the industry. 
Here’s a tool I recently stumbled upon called Tool Magic. It’s designed to coat your metal tools with a temporary rubber solution that will prevent your metal tools from marring any of your work. The photos below display what my various pliers look like after dipping them into the solution and allowing them to dry for several hours:


Once dried, you can work with your pliers as usual with little damage to your materials…or so they say. 
While I really like this product, I have several problems with it. My first problem is the drying/setting time. The label tells you to allow the ‘magic’ to dry for at least 2 hours, or overnight. While it seems reasonable, the problem with that is the fact that I’ve had this ‘magic’ chip away or peel off several times while I worked with my pliers. Obviously, I don’t want to continue working with my pliers if there are parts of it exposed, so I have to stop in the middle of my projects, peel off the excess ‘magic’ and re-dip my tools into the formula. And then wait. 
Overall, it’s a good solution to use when you’re in a bind and want to make sure that you don’t mar your metals, but then it chips quite a bit and I don’t care for that. In order for it to not chip, you may have to dip it in the solution twice, which might affect your sizing on the round nose pliers. There’s also the matter of the solution thickening and being in a small jar which might make it a little annoying as you’re getting to the dregs of the bottle. 
I’ve seen it as cheap at 6.50 and as expensive as 12 dollars in the beautiful money-pinching city of New York, so the prices vary, but it seems like it’ll last a good bit if you’re not abusing your pliers. So, for the price and the purpose, I’d say this gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

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New La La La

I’ve got a million and one things to change by the end of this week and one of them is the shopping experience I’ve been giving my consumers – as of the end of this week, I will be switching over my shop from Storenvy to Etsy. I think I will still keep somethings on Storenvy, but more of my ‘high-end’ pieces will probably get more exposure on Etsy, where it will definitely find a better audience.
Anyhow, this is some of the latest pieces that have come out of the workshop:

I like the way this necklace accents my work dress!

I think I may have to look into getting models to wear my pieces and breathe a little life into them. I also need to make a run to Michaels to get some tulle so I can work on my fascinators & accessories. 
Let’s hope this goes well!