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Another tale of before and after


and AFTER!

So if you look at the bracelet in the first picture (upper left hand corner), you’d see that it was a pretty gold and blue/turq blend, but I wasn’t too happy with the overall fit of the thing. NOW, this Greco-Roman inspired bracelet has more of the gold, rich, feel of it all and I absolutely adore it. 

I know you’re probably wondering: “What’s with all the new pieces not available for sale?” Well, I will be posting them, however, I’m trying to build a large jewelry inventory to accommodate both my jewelry showcase & my move to 
Here are some more completed pieces: 
New Earrings!

Completed Tomb Raider Bracelet

A Touch of Flame Necklace

A Touch of Flame Earrings

Heavy Metal Bracelet

Heavy Metal Bracelet
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more and more…

Three bracelets and a necklace

Tomb Raider Bracelet & Men Jewelry!

Finally I got some of the pieces that I’ve meant to get out, out! I got out a bracelet (that was really a necklace) in mind and then I got a nice chunky nugget bracelet out of it. I also finally put together all the charms I bought and made my Tomb Raider bracelet and I started on a mens’ necklace!!

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new products from PPI

And I’ve completed another set of jewelry pieces! 

Here are a some earrings and a new bracelet created in the PPI workshop!

A new bracelet with wirework done by MOI! 

Serpentine earrings
A wood and stone necklace and earring set

Matching earrings to the bracelets I made a couple weeks ago

And a pair of earrings I’ve been meaning to make for AGES

The latest set of pieces to come out of my workshop! With in the next few days they will be photographed, listed, & promoted. 

Some of these pieces will even make it to my very own Pretty Poet Ink Jewelry Show, hosted in Brooklyn, NY with in the next month or so. Stay tuned! 
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Another Productive Sunday!

Graduated colored semi-precious chip bracelets

Charm Necklace, Amethyst & Pearl bracelet

As you may also notice, there was also a pair of earrings I was on the verge of finishing, but halted. I wanted to see if there were any fresh materials I could scrounge up before finishing them. However, 3 bracelets and a necklace ain’t bad!