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Earrings Galore!

7 pairs of earrings I sorta finished. I gotta make two pairs of ear wire for the two without any and then they will be complete! And the malaysian jade one- (2nd row, 2nd column) I’m proud to say I made the quadruple loop charm myself as well as the triple loop headpin! 
Productive week/weekend, I dare say YES! 
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Before and After and After…

Kyoshi Bracelet before
Kyoshi Bracelet After

Hey PPI followers! Here’s an update!

So I’ve been on a roll as of late, pushing myself to get some work done and so, I’ve been going through my inventory, continuously re-working old pieces that can get a little sprucing.

After staring at my Kyoshi bracelet for a good minute, I felt that it needed a little tweek. Removing the center piece, I found a beautiful Jasper bead I hadn’t noticed before, and wrapped it with wire, making it the focal bead.

I also remembered that black and white were a part of the Kyoshi uniform (their make-up and gear) and I decided to incorporate that with a swarovski crystals and sweet agate beads. I’ve wrapped the end beads like the center bead and removed a fan, making it the focal clasp.

I hope that you like! Please share your thoughts!!


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New Projects Completed in the PPI Workshop

The PPI workshop is back!! I was able to finally complete the necklace that you saw in the last entry  in addition to completing another necklace with some new beads that I had lying around. I was then able to do a little re-fashioning of previous pieces afterwards. While I do not have any names for these two necklaces, the one to the left gives me a Safari-esque vibe and some I’m thinking something like Serengeti…
 the following pieces were made from the previous: 
Old ‘Viking Queen’ Earrings

I got tired of the way that the Viking Queen earrings were looking. While the dark gun metal color contrasted beautifully against the cool ice blue color, I decided that I would remove the beads and put them on this earring finding, that had more swirls and thus had a reminiscent appeal of a Scandanavian seaside travel. I then took the prior Viking Queen findings and transformed it into an edgy bracelet, similar to the Sahara Desert earrings that I wear all the time. I’m not sure how practical the bracelet will look on someone’s hand, but for the moment, that’s where it is.

New Earrings
Last but not least, I’ve also reworked these gothic earrings. Simplifying the design, while still maintaining the mood and tone, these earrings now have an extra air of sophistication with glass pearls. 

Out with the old…
and in with the NEW!