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And They All Lived Happily Ever After…

Remember when I spoke about creating an ‘Ever After Collection’ after selling the first ‘Ever After’ bracelet that I made during this post? Well, I’ve decided that I would continue the collection as I previously considered and VOILA! I’ve decided that the first piece would be called Henry, as it’s blue and well, in the movie The Baroness said “Henry loves blue!” 

The green bracelet is “Jacqueline,” the nicer of the step-sisters. She was also the more quiet one, more humbled and a bit more serene. The pink/red bracelet is Marguerite, the ‘fiery’ sister who was obsessively ambitious in hopes of getting the throne through the marriage bed. And last but not least, the purple bracelet is Danielle, as purple is a color of Royalty and well, she does become the Princess and lives happily ever after. 

And last but not least….the mixed medium bracelet!!! 

Though this one has a clasp, I just saw a design for making one a stretchy one-size-fits-all number. Will update when it happens, but for now, revel in what I accomplished over the weekend! 
Though I wished that I could’ve been able to make more, I got so overwhelmed by all my stones, I got stuck. =( But there’s hope! I found some jewelry pieces in a magazine that I hope to challenge myself to re-create. In addition, I’d like to post pictures of my materials and hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see.  Of course, I’ll make this a real challenge, filled with photos, my personal spins, techniques and possible videos! Don’t be afraid, shout out your ideas! =D
Take Care
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Edgy Piece

Remember when I said that I made a second necklace that night I created Lizzie? Here it is!
I haven’t gotten a real name for it, but I feel like calling her Lacy Grace. 

She’s a little different, a little edgy and a lot of fun!

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Pictures Pictures Pictures!

Here are some photos of pieces I’ve FINALLY got to photograph! Soon they will be on the PPI Store and available for purchase:

But wait there’s more!

I saw a girl on the train with this bracelet that I know I have the capacity to make and boom, she gave me an idea for a line of charm/trinket necklaces and bracelets. Hopefully I can make a test run tonight!

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As Promised…

Here’s the final necklace in my English Royal Family Collection. I do not doubt that I will create something else, just because of my need to re-create old world fashion, but for now, this will do. I call her “Elizabeth” as I stared at many old portraits of the queen, attempting to find a piece of jewelry of hers to get inspiration. I almost feel that it may have been something she would’ve worn to court. It is all one piece and can give the appearance of a choker with dangling neck pieces on a wearer with a larger neck or it can just be three necklaces in one.

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A Much Needed Update

As you can see, I’ve changed the look once more of the store, and decided to have a more monochromatic feel. Anyhow, there seems to be some exciting endeavors for PPI which may include a foray into the magazine world, as well as a conjunction with masquerade designers for Labor day and the ability to vend at upcoming events! 
In addition to that, I created two pieces in the wee hours of the night last night, one being the last of my necklaces for the “English Royal Family” collection, inspired by monarchs over the centuries of the country I long to visit and the other piece is a more contemporary “stylish” piece. I promise you pictures will follow. 
I also hope to possibly upload a “how-to” video on here and a picture challenge in which I attempt to recreate something that I’ve seen (of course with my own personal spin). 
Take Care!