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Two Commisioned And One New….

 So, after much talking and revising and trying to get it just right, I’ve officially finished my two commissioned pieces. One, a “Vamp Stamp” with swarovski crystals marking the toothy insertion and more crystals immitating the trail of blood. Though it’s quite “dark” and “gorish” I thought it would best suit the person to whom it was made for- a ‘Twihard’ fan.

The second person, however, was a little hard to make for. She’s a mom, but she’s into anime and love Harry Potter and is like the human encyclopedia. Then I learned she was very simple, yet really religious. So I cooked this up for her:
Both necklaces were made with sterling silver and all pendants were made by hand. Yep…including that cross. lol =)
Last but not least, here’s a photo of another piece I’m making…a variation of my ‘mixed medium” necklace. I’m trying new colors and looking into designs I can make with large chains. Don’t know what I’ll call it yet, but I like what it’s coming out to be so far.
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My Mind’s Expanding…

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Welcome to the Royal Tea Garden Party!
No English woman is ever complete without her stunning set of pearls!
This design has been in my head for months. Maybe almost a year, but the time was never right to make it. Either I didn’t have the connectors or the colors or whatever, but I finally decided that I was going to make it and love it no matter how it came out and boom! This is what I got. I liked it so much that I decided I was going to make a sister necklace to it. It would be more bejeweled, more Queenly. I figure I’m going to call it my Royal Family Collection. When I look at this and the bracelet and ring I made of the same genre, it feels very English royalty to me.

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Did I mention that this brooch is detachable and can be worn on any part of the necklace or on anything you want? But aside from this darling, here’s a look at the other two pieces I completed over the weekend:
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This piece is a refashioned and redesigned “woodland” bracelet featured in my facebook album. The differences, though subtle, are great as this bracelet houses 5 swarovski crystals at its core.
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I’m also working on a ring that I’m hoping will look nice and then photographing these bad-boys (sorry for the pic quality, taken from my phone) and putting them up for siz-zale!
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Update as promised!

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As promised, here are some photos of what I’ve been doing with regards to fascinators and brooches. The floral one at the top I made ages ago, and I filled out the feather fascinator. I’m tempted to add some tulle to it and name is “Hera’s Revenge.”