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To Sell or Not to Sell…THAT is the question!

So I made this necklace a while back and it looked drastically different. A friend of mine saw it and wanted to buy it right off the bat. I kept telling her ‘no.’ Not because I didn’t want to give it to her, but because I never thought it was finished. Finally, I looked at it. Long and hard and I realized what exactly I didn’t like. It was too busy and I wanted it simple, even if it did look like something else that I’ve seen before. So I cleaned it up and this is what happened: I liked it so much, I wondered if I wanted to make another one to sell OR if I wanted her to have the only one?

Then there’s this beauty…

 As you saw/read earlier it was re-worked from a previous bracelet. My co-worker loved it and bought it. Now I’m wondering (because the silver pieces may be hard to find) if to re-do it with different accents and colors, same basic style and list it as the “Ever After Collection” inspired by my fave characters from the film Henry (Blue), Danielle (Pink/Violet) and Jacqueline (Green).Hmmm….food for thought!

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Accidentally In Love

Would you believe I accidentally created something that was Valentine’s day inspired?

Well, being that I was born on Valentine’s day, I’ve come to not like the holiday because I’ve always received Valentine’s day related gifts as opposed to actual birthday gifts. Either way, I saw these materials in my boxes and decided that I had to bring one of my sketches to life. Low and behold, the color scheme of this piece would be perfecto for someone who’s into a classic, romantic yet dark kind of love.

I’ve decided to name her…


get Valentina here

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Another Day, Another Dollar

Hello PPI Followers!

I deeply apologize for not updating sooner. I’ve LITERALLY been swamped with misc. things to do this past week. Any how, I created a few new pieces and revamped an old piece the past two weekends. I’m trying my best to make something every weekend and then (once I’ve gotten the hang of it) will attempt to make something new every night! Wouldn’t THAT be a fun challenge? And maybe, my darling followers will give me a kind of prompt- if you will- throwing out colors, mediums, body specifications, etc…

I can be like a Michelle Phan/Julie Powell of the Beading Blog-o-sphere!!

…but until then, I’ll just have to show you a bit of what I’m working with: 

So I made this necklace last Sunday along with a bracelet (I’m possibly going to re-work) and it was sold by that following Tuesday. I named is Black Agate for the beads that are a part of it. This piece is definitely ONE-OF-A-KIND as I can’t find the beads anymore =(

I may be able to substitute it, re-work it a bit and make something similar, but it won’t be 100% the same


I’m pleased with the way my packaging looks! I think I will enclose a sample of my writing when someone buys a piece inspired by one of my stories!