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 My darling order from Fire Mountain came in on Wednesday and I couldn’t have been any happier. I swear, it seems like these days, only crafting supplies makes me squeal with excitement! ^_^
I also got some chain from my fave chain place and have all the supplies to make the necklace(s) I’ve been commissioned to do. Hopefully when I get started I can give you guys photos on my progress.
 for those of you out there who are interested in crafting and using Swarovski, you should take advantage of the sale going on here.

Any how, I’ve been feeling bad that I haven’t been producing as I should, but I’ve been getting ideas on the regular. I wish I had a big bench table to work on, but unfortunately my space can’t allot for it. I did manage to push myself into re-working a bracelet I started, but got a little agitated about. Here’s the final product:(see picture) Initially I was going for a greek/roman theme and then it dawned on me how the coins are all Queen Elizabeth and her jubilee is next year. So, here’s my way of saying “God Bless the Queen!” I was thinking of throwing a few crystals in there, but I don’t know…

Any how I am off my darling friends. Before I go, here are some earrings I designed. The one to the left are the ones I had to re-work the other day. Do you likes? Will be up for sale as soon as I photograph and post.

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Been A-Sketching

I have no pictures for you today, but soon I’ll show you all something else I’ve been designing.

Last night I came home with intentions of finishing a charm bracelet I pushed myself to complete the day inspiration hit me to create the pieces below. I fell into a slump, however, and made no attempts what-so-ever to finish the bracelet, but I dreamed of two pieces while I was at work and struggled to keep the images in my head. When I saw that I was not going to touch a bead for the night, I sketched it. I sketched about 19 necklaces last night, which included new sketches of previous jewelry ideas and revisions of bracelet ideas I had. I’m hoping that I will have time at the end of the week to bring some of those creations to life.

Especially since I purchased an order of beading supplies from my fave online shop Fire Mountain

I also have been commissioned to make two pieces for a mother and daughter so, I hope I can get some work done.

And stay tuned to my store, as I hope to have at least four new products up for sale before the end of the day.

Love Always

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I recently went on a shopping spree for some chain to make a more ‘edgy’ neck piece. In the wee hours of the morning I began to put the necklace together, when I remembered another necklace that I was meaning to make for some months now. Seeing as I don’t have tomorrow off (like rest of the working world), I figured that I would lock myself away for a few hours, become invisible to whims of my sister’s children and make some things or at least get started. Here’s what I came up with so far:

Right now I’m trying to revise a pair of earrings and get started on two bracelets I’ve been wanting to make since the SUMMER. Wish me luck!

interested in getting one of these pieces? click here

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Before and After…

So here’s the first in my entries about designing.
I created this bracelet a while ago and was quite happy with the way it came out, though I had used a different kind of material with regards to the silver accent pieces. It was on my mind for a bit because it looks nice, but I didn’t like the way it felt against the skin. I went into my box of materials (which I have about 6 of) and rummaged through the containers looking for the right beads. I ended up changing the look of the bracelet, using larger pearls, removing some other beads and substituting different color swarovski crystals. I also changed the closure to make it a little more antiquated looking. I’m pleased with the outcome. What do you think?



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My first video…

My first attempt at a video ad. I created it in September and realize that there is a lot more work to be done to fix the pictures, and the text and all such things. For now, I guess you can just see my first attempt. Not bad right?

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New Pieces!

I’ve created two new pieces today, both earrings, both inspired by other pieces I’ve seen, AND both that I am glad turned out pretty nice. I will try to have pictures posted up ASAP, but for now, just keep spreading the word about Pretty Poet Ink (PPI) so that I may continue to make more pieces, become more elaborate and add more accessories to my repertoire!

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Mermaid’s Tail

As a child (and still in my adult years), I’ve always loved the concept of mermaids. Do they really exist or are they merely a myth? Either way, I’ve grown to picture them as these somewhat majestic with scales the colors of gems, mirroring the colors of the ocean. And that’s where this necklace comes into play.

As you can see I LOVE mother of pearl and so I’ve clustered them into what I can only imagine what a mermaid’s tale would look-lustrous and colorful. The shells are hung from a copper chain and has its handmade closure (by moi) in the front for easy closing.

Buy it here!

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Hello There Pretty Poet Ink Followers!!!

I sincerely apologize for slacking off the way I’ve been doing for the last two weeks-
I’ve been extremely busy with my day job, along with other miscellaneous events.

However, I do want you to please, encourage others to subscribe to my blog and visit my shop.
Already, in the last two weeks, I’ve had over 50 hits on my website, and it’s still climbing. I promise more
pieces on the site as soon as I can sneak away a few moments to myself, but other than that, thank you
for all your help!