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Opening Up My Store!

So I’m finally doing it! 

I made my first store on Etsy where I have one item for sale. Now I’ve opened up a NEW store where you can find a variety of my pieces, many of which I have placed on display here!!

Please bear with me, as my site will be down from time-to-time in the next coming days due to alterations I have to make to the info on each piece. Other than that, please, feel free to partake in my pieces!

Of course I will continue to post here, with links provided to the shop and in the coming months I will make some videos for you as well. =)


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Busy Green Bees

While I sat at home one day, just staring at some beads and some metal pieces I had, I playful put the few together and thought how much they resembled a little insect. In my mind, the thought of a green bumble bee popped into my head and there, you have it! The Busy Green Bees earrings are short and sweet, and positively playful glass pearl earrings, accented in gold-plated embellishments. The short dangles will appear to be buzzing as the wearer goes about their errands through out the day.

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April Showers

April Showers bring May Flowers…
Feel the renewal of April in these hanging earrings. Made of czech glass beads, these lovely dangles
emulate the rain showers of April with it’s blue and crystal color.
The touch of green and silver-plated bead accent
is a nod to the budding leaves and flowers of the Spring season and it all
hangs beside your ear on a silver-plated chain.

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I love looking up at the sky and drifting away into thoughts of what lies beyond the stars…
and because of that I’ve created a ring that brings the galaxy to your finger tips. Constructed to look like a burst of stars planets, moons and other-worldliness, this ring is a definite focal piece on any hand.

the silver-plated ring base is adjustable to fit any size finger
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Native -Earrings

As an ode to our Native brothers and sisters who once presided and communed with this land, I’ve created these earrings, with a bit of my interpretation of the south-west style. I relied on colors that embrace elements in nature i.e. turquoise, sky (blue), earth (brown) and the sun (yellow) in addition to throwing in some metal charm feathers, to give it an extra feeling of wilderness. Swarovski crystals dangle in the middle to draw the attention to the center of this symbol of life in its cyclic wonder. 

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Dragon of the West

Dragon of the WEST
Inspired by my interest in the use of color in Asian color and the PHENOMENAL cartoon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
, I bring to you these necklace made of stone, metal and crystal. Named after Uncle Iroh’s moniker, Dragon of the West is a necklace that embodies both passion and tranquility. Made up of red agate, green adventurine, gold-plated beads and Swarovski crystals, this necklace’s shining glory is its double sided brass donut pendant. One side features a lizard and bird dragon chasing each other, while the other has four Chinese characters.

additional photos can be found here